Monday, August 17, 2009

Casting About

I jarred my 2003-2004 altar. That is, I literally packed up the altar into a small jar.

Altar, Jarred, 8/2003-6/2004

It's been in storage for a few years, but I unjarred it yesterday to use it in resin cast pieces.

Creating Mixed Media Resin Cast Art

There were feathers and dice and old leaves in there. There was a string of vertebrae, chicken I think. There were beads and some clay calavera ornaments I made. There were fortunes from fortune cookies, screws and bolts I used to pick up on my walk to school. There was a plastic turtle.

Mixed Media Pieces

This is one of the pieces I made using polymer clay, bones, watch parts, and miniature glass beads.

Resin Casting

Here's Dave, casting some of his own stuff. We tried out two kinds of resin, a polyester resin and a polyacrylamide resin. Both are quite toxic. The smell gave me a headache even though we were working outdoors.

Mixed Media Pieces

Ah, this is another piece, this one made of polymer clay, acrylic paint, photographs, and bones.

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