Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anyway, What Do You Think About Grasshoppers?

This is one of three plates that I painted at the studio today. One of the others can be found on my regular, non-craft blog, which is here. This is my Squirrel Grasshopper Sampler Plate.

I blurred out part of my plate, the part where I signed with my full name. I did that because I was thinking about when I was learning to write in cursive and one of the first things I wanted to write (and did write, over and over) was my own name. I loved doing that for some reason. That was in the time before I had signed a gazillion checks and innumerable forms. My signature now is my first initial and my last name, run together as quickly and haphazardly as possible. Fastfastfast. I don't care anymore about the beautiful legibility of cursive. I don't care about testing out the capital G that begins my last name, writing it the standard way, or in lowercase writ large, or as a printed G would be, only followed by the rest of my name in cursive.

Anyway, the plates are not intended to have any particular orientation. Such is the nature of most plates and I wanted to retain that. The grasshopper is copied, but free-handedly so, from a coloring book. The squirrel is from a set of vintage embroidery patterns. The letters were burned into The Brain, courtesy of Mrs. Pedroncelli, my third grade teacher.

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