Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Work


I was perhaps a third of the way finished with that calavera. I told Dave that I was carving flowers in "because I hate carving flowers," and he laughed. Yes, I dislike carving (and drawing) flowers, and I feel that that's an irrational dislike, so I'm trying to overcome it by carving more flowers.


Speaking of irrational dislikes, when I showed the pre-carving design for this calavera to Dave he said that he doesn't like hair on skulls. He thinks it's creepy. Of course that meant that I had to carve it.

On some scraps of clay, I carved these little retablo-ish type things. Can you even tell what they are?

The one at the back is a very plain calavera that is going to get a lot of Dia de los Muertos decoration painted on. In the front is a very stylized depiction of a plant cell. The large heart-shaped bit in the center is the vacuole.

These are all very much unfinished pieces. Eventually, all the calaveras are going to be bisqued then underglaze painted with Dia de los Muertos designs and then (maybe) clear glazed and high fired. I'm not sure which direction the plant cell will go though.

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