Thursday, July 23, 2009

Limited Success!

I've been meeting with limited success recently with the pieces I've been making.

I like these woven pieces (I've made two), though I'm not sure where they're going. I'm thinking of adding a cut paper design to them, and last night I did my first cut paper piece (which I won't show because it is not very good). I found an child-like elephant online at Sarah Jane Studios that I like and may try to recreate to add to this piece. Or perhaps an octopus. I like octopuses. I think they would read if they could.

This medallion was made from my old journals, just folding and gluing half-inch strips of paper.

I think I'll add a pinback to it. I don't wear pins, but I like them, so maybe I'll start.

This is one of my mixed media shrines, made from an internet-harvested image of Frida Kahlo, my old journals, and text from an old paperback book.

The text reads: "The one thing I was afraid of was that you'd walk out like everybody else has."

This, the strangest of my mixed media pieces, is also my favorite.

It's an image of a married couple that I cut from a tourist-oriented magazine, text from two different paperback books (one a science fiction novel, one a non-fiction book about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and my old journals.

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