Saturday, July 11, 2009

Glass Marble Magnets

I must be the last craftster on the planet to try my hand at these magnets made from magazine cut outs and the glass marbles from the floral department at the craft store. They're all over the place, have been for years, but I took my cues from Not Martha's tutorial.

I used images from some of the magazines that Kelly First donated to the cause.

It's a fun project, and easy, though it takes a lot of patience to cut out all those little pictures. Some craftsters use a 1/2 inch paper punch, but I'm a masochist, so I cut mine out by hand. Then there's the gluing part. I used Mod Podge Hard Coat, but some others online use E-6000 which is seriously fine stuff, but which smells like it's going to burn the hair out of your nose and destroy all your useful brain cells. Other people use silicon glue. I had Mod Podge on hand, so I used it.

That's Helena Christiansen's giant Photoshop-enhanced eye. Glorious, no?
That's a lovely black and white hand from a Harper's fashion layout.

I like these crazy little things!

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